cat face

cat face

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  1. scarletts_letters

    I love cats, and dogs, I can’t decide which I like more, they are very expressive and ‘human’ creatures I’ve found every single one an individual. Yours looks curious and apprehensive, nice drawing.

    April 14, 2017
    1. yayuki

      thank you. I prefer curious cats. Curiosity is often a sign of intelligence.

      April 19, 2017
      1. scarletts_letters

        I like how they are mischievous too, that’s something I love.

        May 02, 2017
        1. yayuki


          May 04, 2017
  2. PTF

    As a kid I threw stones at cats.
    Now I get my hose and squirt them off my property. They need baths cause cats stink.

    May 19, 2017
    1. scarletts_letters

      You know kids that torture animals become psychopaths right?

      May 20, 2017
      1. PTF

        Not so…though there has been incidents where kids getting attacked by animals
        Cats are sneaks.
        They bite,scratch,dump crap and piss all over.
        Last summer there were two cats fighting on my property stirring up a storm.
        Did I ask them to stop ?
        Nah…I watched.
        The fight was about a minute but good while it lasted,afterwards they split.
        So anyway I’ll have my hose locked and loaded.

        May 21, 2017
        1. scarletts_letters

          So that’s a yes.

          May 22, 2017
          1. PTF

            It’s a no.

            May 25, 2017
  3. PTF

    Year after year in the media there’s a house full of filth where someone owns a number of cats(most in poor to grave conditions) and cannot control them. The stench is unbearable and no…I’m not talking about me so forget about it.
    Can you imagine stepping in a house where you see scruffy-smelling,half dead cats all over ?
    The only thing you can do is putting them out of their misery.
    Let me share something…
    My friend was driving on a two lane highway. A cat was on the roadway and he managed to miss it. If the cat ran on the road he would of hit it rather than stop and get rear ended,avoiding injury.
    You must understand there are folks who do not like cats…accept it and move on. This is all I have to say.
    (walks away)

    May 25, 2017